INCORPORATING STRATEGIC changes in Human Resource Management can open our eyes to a very challenging role of nurturing talent, guiding people for exploring a world of exciting opportunities and mentoring them to their most promising career paths.


AS HUMAN Capital strategists – we endeavour to transform the domain of Human Resource Management from a managerial function to a strategic role. This change can bring huge benefits to both society and businesses.

The fundamental difference lies in managing a workforce versus creatively empowering the masses with new ideas to create innovative applications. While the former is like organizing an existing process without the desire to change, the later represents the drive to build new systems.


IN OUR opinion, Human Resource is a priceless capital and the most valuable tool of progress. Our thoughts and actions are the primary determinants to reach newer heights. But since most people remain content with stereo-type jobs, and very few aspire to emerge as outstanding performers, society tends to stagnate. Thus, with little innovative thinking, most often talent remains hidden and unexplored, which prevents fast paced progress of the human race.

If we can break this mould, then opportunities are unlimited. For, a minor change in the thinking patterns of people can make huge differences to their outlook of life. History is witness to numerous great success stories which don’t necessarily revolve around unmatched talent, but an idea weaved so differently to identify new opportunities of growth. Hence, HR professionals need to inspire the entire workforce for a journey of discovery through new avenues for value creation, rather than being an eternal job seeker and executor. Nurturing human resource and mentoring them to their most promising career paths can deliver the desired results.


AS PASSIONATE Human Resource strategists, we strongly believe in changing the mindset of every individual from a passive worker to an exciting innovator, from job seekers to opportunities creators as entrepreneurs. Our role is to promote outstanding business leaders with strategic vision in every individual. For we must build trendsetters and not followers!


THE OBJECTIVE of every organization is to hire and nurture the best talent in order to achieve optimum performance levels. But surprisingly, often candidates with average academic scores perform much better than more qualified employees. Even though different screening models have evolved, employers are not entirely certain as to what constitutes the real competence indicators of an applicant.

This makes one wonder – How can academically mediocre students perform better professionally than those holding coveted degrees from reputed institutes? Or why academic brilliance need not always translate into professional excellence? Again, while several profiles may look alike, we are keen to know the hidden factors that bring about professional accomplishment in some, and what are the attributes that enable ordinary students to deliver extra-ordinary results? Further, why do employers see the potential of prospective hires based on their academic background or experiences, when this evaluation often fails to give the right assessment? Then is it not time for organizations to re-look at employee recruitment parameters?


AT THE same time, Human Resource can be the most fundamental tool for a Company’s business strategies to march into the top performing league. If finance and marketing are core to any company’s profits and growth, then HR strategies are the key for operational and financial efficiencies. With emerging technologies, automation and changing global business models, utilization of manpower in new roles and in a judicious manner are critical to financial viability and profitability of organizations. Convergence of technology is bringing out newer opportunities, and with IT, one would be able to incorporate those changes in the workforce.


THERE IS, however, another area of work allocation, which if implemented, can bring about immense benefits to organizations with improved performance and higher productivity. At present, job roles are assigned to individuals based on their academic strength or experiences. In this process, the core competencies of an employee may be ignored, resulting in relatively poorer performance, as the work one is asked to perform may not be his first love. Rather nurturing human resource in tune with their aptitude, interest, abilities and emerging technologies can generate the best matrix of workforce productivity. With this strategy, a passive workforce can be converted into a team of passionate performers who would be self-motivated to reach higher levels of excellence. Added to that, encouraging them for innovation can make each and every resource the most productive asset for the organization. This strategic shift can bring about immense benefits to organizations and society, although this area remains largely unexplored.


THUS THE challenges before HR experts today are three-fold – transforming all individuals into resourceful productive assets, find out the unknown factors that influence professional competence levels, and at the same time, incorporate the best optimization practices.

Scientists or social scientists, rich or poor, powerful or powerless, the educated and less educated – we all enjoy one divine power of imagination. But unfortunately, most of us seldom utilize this privilege of free thinking. The differentiating factor between the high achievers and their opposites lies in innovative thinking – those who proceed with Inventing Minds are always able to draw newer designs of progress. Our Workshops, Mentoring and Career Counselling inculcate Inventing Minds in every individual to inspire professional excellence for a better tomorrow.