WITH GMAT, GRE or SAT scores in hand, the first step to begin the application process is to shortlist your desired academic programs and universities. The criteria should be based upon individual learning requirements, research opportunities that colleges offer, cost of studies, living expenses, funding availability, along with University ranking. All of these conditions should be weighed for arriving at an optimal decision.


AFTER SHORT-LISTING university, course and destination respectively, you are ready to begin the application process. In consultation with us, select the services required – as your True Advisor, we would guide whatever is best suited for you, without keeping our business considerations in mind – which is defined by our Code of Ethics.


AT THIS juncture we clearly state our position on prices and timelines for delivery of services before students pay up. Our pricing is very transparent, and clients are explained in details of inclusions & exclusions of services before they sign-up. It is our endeavour to make sure candidates don’t feel later they are being made to bear the burden of hidden charges. Editing is a very labour intensive and time-consuming process. We clearly state the timelines required at the time of enrolment and try our best to meet the committed deadlines so that students don’t suffer because of our delay.


YOU CAN pay through multiple options as per your convenience and inform us at Once your payment is credited to our account, the work begins immediately. For each service, we follow a specific system, which is being elaborated below.


EDITING IS done with a minimum of 3 to 4 versions over a period of 5 to 15 days, depending upon the length of the SOP or the number of essays.

For this, candidates have to send us their first version, in however crude format it may be. This is because we need information about their background, experience and future goals and desires. Once we know about them, it is easy for us to edit their Statement of Purpose or Essays. As the process begins, we may ask for more details if the need arises.


THE PROCESS for Review or Second Opinion is students have to send us their written pieces. We would send them our comments on whether SOPs or Essays are properly written or not, and if it is not, short-comings would also be pointed out. The Second Opinion would be sent within a maximum of two working days.


AFTER ENROLMENT, we send you a questionnaire based upon the student’s profile and program to be joined.

Candidates can at first prepare themselves and during Mock Interviews discuss different probable questions and answers. They can call us over Voice Chat or Phone at mutually convenient time slots.


CANDIDATES HAVE to mail us their Statement of Purpose, Essays, Curriculum Vitae, GRE or GMAT or SAT scores and other vital documents submitted to the Colleges for admissions.

Rejection Analyses is done in two parts. First we analyze the causes for rejection and send our feedback to students. Thereafter, they can call us for a comprehensive discussion. This would bring out all the drawbacks and pinpoint reasons of non-acceptance by universities.