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MR. RITUPARNA ROY CHOWDHURY, with more than 18 years experience as an MBA Admission Consultant, is founder of and

He is a Creative Writer, an inquisitive learner of Vedic Astrology, an avid Photographer on scenic beauty and loves to travel extensively. Inquisitive and innovative thinking have inspired him to make others look at the world differently with Workshops On Innovative Thinking. The unique advantage of working with him is with the primary focus on innovation, he can transform every profile from a bookish learner to a great thinker and passionate value creator, who can bring about transformational change for society.


HIS PASSION is to play with Words. He appreciates writing in the form of art, where an artist’s impression is being painted through a wide array of words to bring about a picture of aesthetic beauty to the reader.

Rituparna believes, just as painting, writing too turns the creator a child of imagination – where a creative mind has the freedom to express his feelings and experiences with spontaneity. Thus an ideal writer should see through his heart, rather than his eyes. For art can’t be a forcible expression of emotions, but a philosophical representation of reality or that of a dream world, something which only the heart can visualize and express in silence.

He belongs to such a genre! Added to that, his strength lies in coining dual meaning Captions n Taglines.

His writings have stretched from advertising copies to website content to articles on varied topics as also academic essays for top university admissions.

Above all, writing is not just his profession, it’s his passion – a compassion that enables him to break all barriers of work compulsion. For he lives and breathes in this inspirational art!!!


RITUPARNA is also an amateur Vedic Astrologer as well – having followed, observed and learned the subject for the last several years. Experiences have convinced him that there is an unseen force called destiny, which none of us can avoid!!

Most importantly, working in diverse sectors and roles over the last two decades has made him realize that most of us lack in innovative thinking. We all tend to be followers rather than emerging as trendsetters. It is precisely because of this that he has launched Inventing Minds – for inculcating Innovative Thinking among people through Workshops.