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Best MBA Admission Essay Editing Services in India New Delhi NCR Gurgaon Bangalore Mumbai Pune Hyderabad ChennaiIf you think a good GMAT, GRE or SAT score can win you a seat in any top University, then you are grossly mistaken. Test score is only one of the parameters before the Admissions Committees of respective universities to base your acceptance decisions on.

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In fact, much of the admissions depend on the kind of essays or personal statements you write. And contrary to popular perception, admission essays or statement of purpose are not for testing the writing skills of an applicant. For, they are not trying to figure out a Shakespeare or an Eliot in an aspiring business manager or engineer. What they look at are your overall personality traits, varied attributes and inclinations, and the ability to outgrow and overcome stiff hurdles and your zeal to reach the pinnacle of success.

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Top Ivy League Universities believe, an academically meritorious student does not mean he or she would be able to perform equally well in all fields. One can excel only where the person has genuine interest. Thus, an average student would perform brilliantly if he or she has keen interest in the subject, whereas an academically meritorious student would fail miserably if the area of study is forcibly pursued, which does not inspire one from the core of the heart.

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The admission essays or statement of purpose act primarily as a psycho-analytical tool to judge a student. The most common college application essay questions asked are: what are your short and long term goals, what can you contribute to your class, leadership skills, prediction of various business situations, problem solving skills etc.

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Often it has been noticed that students with lower GMAT, GRE or SAT scores than the cut-off ranges of a particular university are accepted if they are able to present themselves very strongly through the admission essays. At the same time, applicants with much higher scores have often been rejected if they look too academic oriented, far from the realities of life.

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Thus, what matters is - not what you are, but how you portray your profile before the University Admissions Screening Committee.

So it's your opportunity to prove yourself and win the coveted Ivy League College admissions!

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